SiLICA Body_01 /_02

The mineral hydro-microdermabrasion for the body is a revoluztionary mineral exfoliation that gently but very effectively exfoliates the dry skin and relieves itching. With regular care, it improves the condition of the skin, the skin is not dry and calm.

Basic care_01 is suitable for dry to rough skin and keratosis pilaris

Supportive care_02 it is suitable for very dry to scaly skin (skin prone to psoriasis, atopic eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and ichthyosis), hyperkeratosis and acne-scars.

Use is simple - apply to cleansed and moistened skin during a shower or bath. We recommend applying regularly once or twice a week, prepare _01 for basic care. With supporting care _02, we recommend applying regularly every day or every other day for 12 weeks, until the skin is calm and in good condition. Do not apply force or pressure! Hygienic abrasive surface.

SiLICA Face_01 /_02

The mineral hydro-microexfoliation pad for the face is a mineral microexfoliation that gently but very effectively removes skin irregularities and improves the overall condition of the skin. 

Basic care_01 is suitable for problematic skin: enlarged pores, black/whiteheads, T- zone and dark spots. 

Supportive care_02 is suitable for acne-scars and milia.

Use is simple - apply the microexfoliation pad once a week to cleansed and moisturized skin. Exfoliation is done with gentle, circular movements on the face and neck. After application, rinse the skin with clean water and gently dry with a towel. Do not apply force or pressure! Hygienic abrasive surface.

SiLICA Nail_01 /_02

The mineral nail file is glass file with mineral abrasive surface, which has a beneficial effect on the nails. The abrasive surface provides gentle nail care.

Basic care_01 is suitable for brittle/breaking nails, agnails and regeneration of nails (after gel nails). 

Supportive care_02 is suitable for hyperkeratosis and mycosis.

Use for everyday care of dry nails, but also problematic nails. Use is the same as for regular manicure files. Improvement of the condition of the nails after 2-3 weeks. Hygienic abrasive surface.

SiLICA Foot_01 /_02

The mineral foot file is a glass file with a mineral abrasive surface that has a beneficial effect on dry and problematic skin of the feet. A gentle solution that leaves the skin on your feet unharmed. Suitable for diabetic foot care and regular care to prevent diabetic foot.

Basic care_01 is suitable for dry & cracked heels, calluses and corns. 

Supportive care_02 is suitable for mycosis, hyperkerato-sis and diabetic foot.

Use for everyday care of dry feet, but also problematic feet. Improvement of the condition of the feet after 3 weeks. The foot file is suitable for diabetic foot care. Wet & dry use. Hygienic abrasive surface.