S i L I C A  DermaCare

The SiLICA DermaCare brand presents a new mineral exfoliation based on absorbable silica. Exfoliation meets the criteria for derma care - hygienic abrasive surface and gentle exfoliation (wet use). The added value of mineral silica is in its anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and improves skin hydration.

SiLICA is the only brand on the market that offers derma tools for skin and nail care. In the collection we offer a hydro-microderma-brasion for the skin, manicure and pedicure files. The ergonomic design of the tools is designed for convenient and easy appli-cation.

The unique abrasive surface of the tools is produced by patented technology from mineral quartz with a purity of 99.7%. The abrasive surface was tested for antibac-terial and antimycotic effect, proven inhi-bition of Staphylococcus aureus 98% and Candida albicans 80%.

SiLICA DermaCare is based on wet exfoliation, during which silica is absorbed into the skin, which has a beneficial effect on dry and problematic skin. Silica supports the restoration of healthy processes in the skin and thereby strengthens its natural defen-ses.