DERMA EXFOLIATION                                                               of the highest quality for skin and nail care 


S i L I C A  DermaCare

represents a new mineral care based on exfoliation (hydro-microdermabrasion), whichis gentle on problematic skin and nails. The silica abrasive surface of the derma tools has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails.

During exfoliation, silica is absorbed directly into the skin and has a beneficial effect on dry, very dry and scaly skin. Silica supports the restoration of healthy processes in the skin and thereby strengthens its natural defenses.


Most skin problems/diseases are manifested by dry to rough skin, which shows in the long term. We offer two levels of derma care. Basic care_01 problems skin manifestations and prolongs their return. Supportive care_02 is suitable for such skin with a tendency to flaking and keratinization. It reduces the formation of dry scales, itching and generally soothes the skin.

Basic care_01 is suitable for dry to rough skin, keratosis pilaris, problematic skin, brittle nails and dry feet.

Support care_02 is suitable for milia, acne-scars, very dry to scaly skin, hyperkeratosis, problematic nails/feet and diabetic foot.

S i L I C A DermaCare ...

is the only brand on the market that offers derma tools for the care of problematic skin and nails. The silica abrasive surface is hygienic, so it is suitable for derma care. The ergonomic design of the tools is designed for comfortable and easy application. In the collection, we offer a hydro-microexfoliation pad for the face, hydro-microdermabrasion for the body, a nail file and a foot file.

  • All products are produced using ecological technologies
  • The products do not have a negative impact on the environment when used (zero waste)
  • Packaging and products are fully recyclable




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